Blueprint Basics

What is a Blueprint?

In HedgeTrade, we define a Blueprint as a prediction that has been made on a financial instrument through the platform. Once a Blueprint expires, it will deemed as correct or incorrect by the system, and the creator or the purchaser could be rewarded based on the result.

Why should I create a Blueprint?

Create a Blueprint if you believe a particular security will hit two target price values, the entry and exit, before a particular date. If you are correct, you get rewarded in HEDG tokens from anybody who purchased your Blueprint.

Why should I purchase a Blueprint?

Purchase a Blueprint if you believe the prediction has merit and then you can gain access to the prediction details. If you are one of the first 10 people to purchase a Blueprint and the prediction is incorrect at expiry, you earn more HEDG tokens

What is the minimum stake to create a Blueprint?

It is possible to create a Blueprint with a 0 HEDG stake, but these Blueprints will not be available to others users to purchase, and they won't show up in the Blueprint Market. However, they can improve your overall HedgeTrade Ranking and Score.

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